September 2nd 2023

Happy anniversary Splatoon 3! So much great stuff in this update. Except the smokeyard.
It's like they knew I was procrastinating on the site and forced my hand to make a new Haikara Wonder article.
Sorry that the format on everything everywhere still sucks to look at. Coding is hell's creation.
Also, here's the replay code for an absolutely delightful spontaneous party: RVRM-PLHW-YQV9-49EM
My heart goes out to everyone who was there. I love you all so much. Stay fresh!

Drizzle Season 2023

August 6th 2023

So funny story, I got sidetracked because I thought, hey, if I'm gonna make a codes section on my site for Salmon Run scenarios, Mystery Dungeon Explorers missions and Wobbledog DNA... I should get back into Animal Crossing New Leaf and tidy up my town so I can post a decent dream code too. Well, as it turns out, it was my town's 8th anniversary today! Isabelle gave me an award for my mayoral service... despite my very, very long absence from everything (- w - ;)

With that being said, my new dream code is 6C00-01E9-776A. Again, for New Leaf, not New Horizons.
I'll have that moved to the code page in time, but since it's a special day I was eager to post it!

Yes it did take me far too long to figure out how to use flexbox. Yes it will happen again, sorry.
In addition, I've been asked to help with a Stardew mod translation, so progress will be even slower.
Such is how the cookie crumbles... c'est la vie...

Update: DANGIT I forgot about that stupid path. Definitely gotta update the dream code sometime.

Welcome one and all!

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